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Cognito Baby
App for kids

A playful experience with 8 educational activities. Award-winning multilingual app for kids teaches numbers, colors, animals, music instruments and more.

Veronika Larsen

Founder of Cognito Baby
Educational app for toddlers and children from 0-5 years.

My childhood was spent in Norway, beyond the Arctic Circle, surrounded by the magic of the northern lights. Today, I am a loving mother, partner and pet owner who speaks 5 languages. After studying Veterinary Medicine and Psychology in the Czech Republic, I made a bold career change and started the production of children’s multilingual educational apps.

Cognito Baby was born mid-summer, 2017. The reason for the creation of Cognito Baby was all thanks to my 18-month old daughter. I wanted to have a fun and educational tool for usage as a part of her language development. We use 3 languages at home, so it was important for me to establish early in my daughter's life that one same thing can have many names, like a “dog” might also be called “hund”, or “chien”.

There were other apps already on the market, in fact, quite a lot of them. However, they were either not supporting the languages I was looking for, or were unsuitable for the youngest preschool children, because actually using the app was too confusing, unprofessional or a terrible amount of commercials were showing up every minute, and not to mention all the unnecessary in-app purchases and monthly subscription fees.

We built a great team of developers who have been working tirelessly on the Cognito Baby app since the summer of 2017. It is now ready to open up a world of learning to curious young minds.

The app has met all of the needs we first had - to be fun, cute, multilingual and with a user interface that small fingers can use. We were adamant that there would be no annoying pop-ups advertising or extortionate in-app purchases, as we felt this would negatively impact on the user experience. It was also important to deliver a great user experience so we added a fast custom fiber optic network through the cloud, so that we can easily cope with our fast-growing user base, or unexpected changes in traffic. The app is also designed to work well offline too!

I’m not a tech geek, I’m a caring mum who wanted to give my beautiful daughter and other children a head start with a fun tool that would make her want to learn without realising it!

During my studies I discovered how fundamental a role technology played in my own education process. I believe that using the synergy of technology and education to better prepare the next generation is key in our role as loving parents and role models. There has to be a balance between the real world and the digital world though, so that our children gain a healthy experience of both.

Our intention has always been to use this multilingual app to give a strong idiomatic foundation to our daughter and to our users, so that they understand why different languages are constantly being used and why different objects have so many names. This is why we chose to focus on numbers, colours, animal names and sounds, musical instruments, foods like fruit and vegetables, transport, common household items and the ability to refresh, practice and hone those skills.

I sincerely hope that you and your child will enjoy using the #CognitoBaby app.

** Thank you for choosing us **

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